Types Of Archery

Target archery

This form of archery is one of the most popular globally. In this discipline the archer will shoot a set number of arrows at a round target at a set distance. The distance for the target varies from as close as 10 yards to 100 Yards. There are 2 different type of rounds within this too, we have the Fita rounds these are distances that are Metric distances with a 10 zone scoring system there are also 2 main sizes for target in FITA. We also have GNAS rounds these are measured in Yards and they have 5 Zone scoring system with a single size target.

All styles of bows can take part in this discipline and age groups too

This is the main form of Archery that we do at the Club

Field archery

This involves shooting at targets of varying and unmarked distance, often in rough terrain. 3D archery focuses on shooting at life-size models of game, and is popular with hunters.

All bow types may compete (longbows, recurve and compound).

Clout Archery

Similar to target archery, except that the archer attempts to drop arrows at long range (180 yards for the men and 140 yards for women) into a series of circular scoring zones on the ground surrounding a marker flag. The flag is 12 inches square and is fixed to a stick. The flag should be as near to the ground as is practicable. Archers shoot 'ends' of six arrows.

A Clout round usually consists of 36 arrows.

All bow types may compete (longbows, recurve and compound). There are shorter distances for juniors depending on age.

Flight Archery

Flight Archery can only take place where space permits since archers compete by shooting for sheer distance. Archers shoot a number of arrows and then search for the one which has been shot the farthest, marking it with an identifiable marker. At the end of the round, archers stand or sit by their furthest arrows while judges measure the distances they were shot. There are many classes that one can shoot in, dependending on the type of bow and its draw weight.