Beginners Courses

Saint Edmunds Archers run regular beginners courses for anyone interested learning the basics of archery.

Courses usually run for four consecutive weeks and are held on Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00. All equipment is provided and we welcome individals, families and groups of all ages* and abilities. (*Note that is no minimum age, however one has to be physically able to use the smallest bows we have which is typically from about 8 years of age.)

The beginners course includes:

  • Range Safety
  • Selection of correct equipment
  • Basic Barebow technique
  • Arrow Retrieval
  • "String Walking", "Face Walking" & "Gapping"
  • Progression to shooting with sights.
  • Scoring

Each session starts with a warm up followed by instruction and guided shooting. Learning is reinforced with exercises to emphasise specific points or techniques and finish with a fun activity and cool down.


If your interested in doing a beginners course or would like more information - Contact us now!