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  1. Indoor World Series Final: Las Vegas

    LAS VEGAS, Nevada — The Indoor World Series has come to an end with the Finals taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada. During this same weekend, these finalists are also competing at The Vegas Shoot. Each event holding their own unique style and tournament pressure. Congratulations to these Team Hoyt finalists.  


    Kris Schaff (GOLD) on the Final stage in Las Vegas, Nevada.


    Steve Wijler (GOLD) going head to head against fellow Hoyt Pro Brady Ellison (SILVER).


    Brady Ellison (SILVER) with Toja Ellison coaching behind.

    Sim Yeji (GOLD) drawing back and steadying for Gold. 

    Sara Lopez wins World Archery Athlete of 2018. 

    Mike Schloesser wins World Archery Athlete of 2018.

  2. Golden at the LAS Classic

    LANCASTER, Pennsylvania — The LAS Classic, held by Rob Kaufhold of Lancaster Archery Supply, has grown immensely and now attracts archers from around the world. This even consists of a qualification day scoring out of a possible 660 points, following elimination and the final shoot-up. A unique event that is one of a kind to the indoor archery lineup. 

    Jack, Brady and Crispin joined on the podium for a Hoyt Podium Sweep. Each archer competing with the Formula X riser and Carbon Velos limbs. Continued recurve success, Gabriela Bayardo wins Gold with Lancaster native Casey Kaufhold winning silver. 

    Jack Williams (GOLD), Brady Ellison (SILVER) and Crispin Duenas (BRONZE) podium sweep.  

    Brady Ellison and Jack Williams after a battling match for the Gold. 

    Gabriela Bayardo (GOLD) looking back at Mike Schloesser under the big lights. 

    Casey Kaufhold (SILVER) competing on home ground for the Gold. 

    Mike Scholesser (SILVER) with his Prevail for the final shoot-up.

  3. Indoor World Series: Nimes

    NIMES, France — “Europe’s longest-running major indoor tournament returns in 2019 for its 21st year, hosting upwards of 1000 archers in the Parc des Expos in the southern France city of Nimes.” - World Archery

    Team Hoyt prevails in one of the most prestigious Indoor World events. Standouts include, Janine Meissner, who posted an incredible score of 149 to steal the Gold. US Archer Casey Kaufhold, won all her matches to make the Gold medal final while displaying incredible talent and poise under the bright lights.

    Casey Kaufhold (SILVER) competing for the GOLD with her Formula X and Carbon Velos limbs.

    Janine Meissner (GOLD) with a strong execution in the Gold Final.  

    Kris Schaff (SILVER) wins the Silver medal!

    Mike Scholesser (BRONZE), Mr Perfect wins the Bronze medal! 

  4. Indoor World Series: Rome

    ROME, Italy — Archers travelled from all over the world to Rome, Italy for the third stage of the Indoor World Series. Crispin Duenas, with his Formula X and Carbon Velos limbs, walked away with a victory shooting nine perfect tens in the Gold final. 

    Crispin Duenas (right) competing against Brady Ellison (left).

    Crispin Duenas with nine perfect tens to win GOLD.

    Gabriela Bayardo Chan finishes strong winning the BRONZE.

    Sergio Pagni BRONZE

  5. Golden Across the USA

    Team Hoyt archers met on the field at their respective regional events this past weekend. The Midwest Open held in Peoria, IL consisted of a two day event including both the NFAA five spot target and Vegas face. Paul Tedford walked away with a win after an intense final shoot-off. Out west, the Idaho Open took place in Pocatello, ID with archers shooting a two day event at the Vegas face. Kris Schaff stole the Gold with a 300 30X finish. Linda Ochoa-Anderson won with consistency shooting two 300 26X rounds. 

    Paul Tedford (GOLD) during the final shoot off at the Midwest Open.

    Paul Tedford with his winning arrow. 

    Kris Schaff (GOLD) with his Prevail in Gold Medal finish standing by his 300 30X game. 

    Linda Ochoa-Anderson (GOLD) opened with her first official 300 of the season at the Idaho Open. Linda closed the tournament with a second 300 26X.

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